Description: The interior of a 1978-1979 X65 Bagheera. The special feature of this ´78-79 X 65 are the seats in this special silvergrey. I owned one repaintet in Rosso Corsa (Ferrari-der) from 1988 to 1990 in Darmstadt nearby Frankfurt but as a student it was very hard to finance this car. When i sold the car a young man offered me DEM 800,- only for the seats, he didn´t like to have the whole car, but i didn´t wreck it.

Some years later i found "my" bag in a garage, the new owner didnt pay for the repair works. Still some years later, i think it was in 1995 i found it again on a collectors ground - it was looking like wreckers place - as i am informed "my" bag was not registerd on anyone´s name anymore. I would feel glad to get this special bag back again.

"Wolf, Oliver"

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