Description: I have recieved this story from David Nunn, - the owner of this (btw yellow) Matra M530sx:

I used to be the owner of this car. I was working in the advertisement sales department for Classic Cars when I managed to talk them into this feature. It was a wet and rainy day when we met the Murena driver in the Midlands, he was reluctant to take his car out in the rain so we had to wait for it to stop.
Eventually we set off and got a good set of pictures taken. Then the heavens opened and he got his car wet but there was worse to follow... we were going down a country road as a short cut to get him home quickly when we went round the bend only to find that a herd of cows had been there before and left a trail of muck everywhere. By the time he got home his car was covered in muck!!!

The unusual feature of this car is that the 4 headlamps are mounted on the wings rather than 2 on the wings with another 2 on the nose cone. Having done a minor restoration on the car there was no sign of accident damage on the wings so I can only assume that they are in their original positions.

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