Description: This is in fact my own Matra Murena.
Its a 1.6 1983 model, - with no 'extras' (no tinted glass, nor electric windows). The interior is chequered black/white.
Initially I looked for a very healthy Bagheera series-II (which I wanted to strip down and have galvanized) - but then I finally saw a Murena in the flesh, and fell in love ...
I bought this car in 1995, in England - and have enjoyed it ever since. The only problem I think it has, is the lack of power (and maybe the unprecise gearshift).
It is my plan to get it converted to a 1.9i (the 'i' is important to me, as I am getting rather tired of ice-formation in the carb when its cold and humid (which it all too often is in Denmark :-) )

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